You Can Be the Detective

So you want to be a detective, do you? Although you may lack the degree and the badge, there’s still many ways that your goals can be fulfilled. But, don’t let things get too serious in your adventures as a detective.  Read below to learn a few ways to go undercover and solve some mysteries, even if it is only in your home, no undercover clothes needed.  Choose your favorites and let the good times begin.

Video Games

Tons of video games for various systems and for your PC let you solve the case and become the detective that is head of the case. It is up to you to sort through the titles to find the game that is most appropriate to your age bracket and playing style. Once you find a few games, give them a try and let the murder cases get solved.

undercover clothes

True Crime Magazines/ Websites

Read along to crime stories, uncover facts of the case, look over crime scene photos, and draw your own conclusions to the murder/mystery when reading true crime magazines. If you don’t want to look through these magazines, you can join groups online on social media sites to discuss cases with other people.

Board Games

Tons of board games are also available that help you solve mysteries. Some are family-friendly and nothing is better than finding an activity that gets everyone in the family interested in playing along.

Murder Mysteries

Murder mysteries are lots of fun to attend in person. Can you determine who is guilty of the crime before anyone else? It is a night of sheer excitement when you put your skills to work and play detective. This is an event everyone should attend at least once.

Now it is your turn to become the detective.

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Pumps Can Save The Environment

If that’s the case, then pumps could end up saving the world. Call this intro to liquiflo pumps fantastic but it’s all true when you consider what pumps, all kinds of pumps are being used for today. They are used industrially; they are used agriculturally. They are also used in mining enterprises. Pumps may not always be visible to the naked eye, but there they are. They are critical in the health services industry. And for that matter, you may as well add the pump’s vital role in the food services industry too.

But why liquiflo? Well, this is just a nifty abbreviation. Because that’s just what is required to happen. Liquids, all kinds of liquids, not just your H2O, are flowing through these pumps. Liquid. Flowing. There you go, that’s liquiflo pumps for you. Water is a natural resource. It’s also pretty scarce as it turns out. It’s essential for pumps to make sure that hardly a drop goes to waste. On the industrial scale, you can just imagine the cumulative effective of this wastage.

liquiflo pumps

Chemical spillages are a certain negative. It simply cannot happen, but there you go, accidents do happen. Is this excusable? Oh, absolutely not, but due consideration can be given to circumstances, both natural and manmade. Nevertheless, every effort is made on the engineering side to ensure that industrial use pumps remain fully functional, and are strong and sturdy, not requiring much in the way of maintenance and repairs.

But when these become necessary, the work that goes into it needs to be precise. This is not a job for the everyman or handyman. Pumps are being used to clean the environment, of that there is no longer any doubt. Picture the sludge that must run through these life-giving valves.

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Cool Seahawks Merchandise for Your Baby

If you’re a Seahawks fan, there’s little question that you want your baby to follow in your footsteps and share in that love. It is imperative that you start them young to build that lifelong love of sports for the best team in the industry. There’s tons of items that you can buy for your little one to start their love for the Seahawks. Some of the best merchandise for your baby includes the items below.


A seahawks onesie is a cool item that even newborns can wear. There’s tons of onesies in assorted styles and they’re so easy to put on your baby before you leave the home or when you’re sitting around watching the game.


A Seahawks blanket is a fan’s favorite item to snuggle up with. So it is only right that you share that love with your baby tons of blankets that are perfect for your little one are out there donning the Seahawks name, colors, and logo.


Baby needs protection when he eats. Baby peas and green beans don’t come out of clothing so easily. Might as well have a few Seahawks bibs on hand to wipe away all those messages from baby’s mouth!


seahawks onesie

When it is time to buy a pair of shoes for baby, why not make sure they have the Seahawks logo across them? You can find crib shoes and hard shoes with the logos attached, either of which makes a great addition to baby’s wardrobe.

Baby needs his very own Seahawks merchandise and there’s an endless list of items that you can offer to him or her to begin that love of the game. The items listed here are among the many that you need to buy for your baby!

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Proper Concealed Carry Gear

Owning a gun is a major right in the United States. Depending on the state where you live, you can legally have a gun on your person when you are out and about. You can do this in an open or concealed way. The specifics will depend on the city and/or state where you are currently located. But what you should consider is that it is still vital to make sure that you are carrying your weapon in a secure way. The last thing you want is to have some type of accident because you chose a poor method of storing your weapon.

Let us say that you are concealed carrying. You want to ensure that you have this weapon on your person, but that it is hidden. The idea is that you will have it ready to go should you face a bad situation. But you will also be discrete about whether you have a weapon on you. And to accomplish these goals, you will want to get some nice concealed carry clothing that you can wear. You can find some very nice shirts, jackets and other gear that will help you conceal carry in a proper way.

concealed carry clothing

Now you may be thinking, is it necessary to get such clothing? We can understand why you would have such a perspective. You can just put it in your bag and be ready to go! But why would you want it away from your person? And a gun is not something you can just stuff in your pocket like a smartphone! When you are wearing proper gear, you can have a holster area that is keeping your gun concealed but ready to access. It is also safe from any possible discharges or it falling out when you are walking around.

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Let Your Individuality Shine

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, look no further. Our necklace styles guide will find every individual their perfect piece of flair for any occasion, whether it be for casual everyday wear or for a night of fun on the town. Jewelry styles range in color, material, design, price, and size – find the right fit for your needs.

Jewelry should be inspired by what you love, so those should be evaluated before picking out accessories. Do you admire the shine of gems, or do you prefer more matte or rustic materials? Are you inspired by nature, or do you take a more modern approach to fashion?

necklace styles guide

Unique jewelry is a must if you want to make sure the world knows who you are. It’s no longer fashionable to wear a plain silver chain or something else, it is important to stand out and make a statement. Catch attention with pieces like the shooting star collar, a bold piece of work that features a silver and gold astro lariat. Sophisticated pieces like this catch the light perfectly and put on a dazzling display sure to catch the attention of anyone walking past.

If standing out is not your thing, necklaces can be minimalist and simple, but they do not have to be plain. A simple golden leaf can make a huge statement when it is decorating the neck. Pair the small charm with a beautiful golden or silver necklace chain and you will have something beautiful to behold.

No matter your style, there is jewelry out there for you. Let your individuality shine on your hands, ears, neck, wrist – wherever you want it to. Find the perfect necklace for you with our style guide, making it much easier to put together a winning look.

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Sustainable Rags In More Ways Than One

wiping rags

Rags are usually associated with cleaning work. But isn’t it true that they’ve also been applied in the fashion sense? The wearing of rags is related to the wearing of heavily casual clothing. And in many cases they really do look like rags too, don’t they? They are deliberately tattered, and they’ve deliberately got holes in them. Interestingly, this is what the world’s most sustainable rags look like when they’re first encountered. Would you believe that today’s sustainable wearing and wiping rags are originally sourced from one of the world’s most smelliest and dirtiest places?

Yes, that’s right folks. We’re talking about that blight on the landscape. Every town and city has it. It’s your municipal rubbish heap, otherwise known as your landfill site. You know, many people look down on those poor folks scratching around in bins. Yes, it’s true that they’re hungry and all, probably cold too, and looking for warm rags to cover themselves up with. But they’re doing a good thing nevertheless. And let it be said that the work that they’re doing is actually quite dangerous. Nevertheless, that’s what they’re doing.

Looking to eke out a decent living somehow, these poor but generous and gracious folks trudge your local landfill sites looking for all manner of items that could be recycled or re-used. And usually there’s tons. There’s money to be made in the recycling business, of that you can be sure. It just goes to show just how much you folks are wasting. So unnecessary, you know. Anyhow, rags worn or rags used to do your cleaning up with are now quite sustainable. They could be used over and over again.

And if they ever should be tossed out again, you can be sure someone’s going to snap them up again. 

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Metal Fabrication Requirements

Should you require new metal fabrications going forward, do not expect super-quick turnaround times. But then again, as a design, manufacturing and/or processing expert yourself, you already knew that. So of course, you should appreciate the time and meticulous attention to detail that should be going into your next project. Nevertheless, the time taken over new custom metal fabrication houston tx work will be dependent on the job specifics determined and agreed to. Because you are the client, the work begins with you. You are the initiator of the project. Bear in mind that your metal fabrication engineer will be requesting job specifics from you.

Ideally, an arrangement should be struck allowing him to visit your premises whereby he can inspect the goods if you will. Of course, neither you or he live in an ideal world. Other arrangements can be fitted in in the meantime. You can email your current engineering drawings to your engineer. Alternatively, should you not have such details to hand, you can always send him a dimensional sketch of what you intend doing. Now, if you are really not able to draw up an impression (this of course, would be rare, but in any event), you can still provide the engineer with a brief written description of what you need done.  

custom metal fabrication houston tx

If you are able to visit your service provider, or if indeed, a visit to your premises is possible a sample of a previously fabricated item can be exchanged. The intention here of course is to successfully create a replication of the original. Be specific about your availability for business communications or possible meetings or comebacks and the engineering consultant should be in a position to comply. After all, just like you, he is providing a customer oriented service.

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Good & Bad Necklace Memories?

You all have them. Memories. It is part of the juice of life. It is what keeps you going. Most of you love relying on good memories to keep you in that positive frame of mind. But there is one thing about human nature that simply cannot be helped. It is actually quite troubling. Among all the good memories you have about previous events in your life, you also have the bad ones. Not only are they troubling, they can be scary too sometimes. Who remembers having a handcuff placed on his or her wrists?

As you recall, the misdemeanor was not serious and you meant no harm to the offended person. But you learnt that as it is human to make mistakes sometimes, crime as it is legally recognized is just not worth the effort. Maybe today you are still dealing with it. Maybe you are still weak in some areas of your life. And these moments of weakness could get you into trouble with the law, even though you still do not mean any harm to the next person.

Wear a Handcuff Necklace to remind yourself to not go there. Or wear a handcuff necklace to show someone you love that you are his slave for life. You are imprisoned to him. Or wear a keyring necklace, and with your front door key attached to it, to help you to never be forgetful. Then again, if you are already wearing the key around your neck, what would a memory lapse matter. You have the key and in you go.

Handcuff Necklace

Memory loss, memory lapses, sometimes it’s really not a good idea to forget, particularly if these are eventful things from your past, no matter whether they are good or sadly bad.

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Where to Store Ammo

Gun owners need a safe place to store their ammo, but it should also be a space that is easy to access. It is not always easy to find a place to store your ammo but with a bit of time, you can certainly choose an area to place the ammo that suffices your needs for both safety and access.

Locked Up High

Some people put their ammo in a case and store it in their closet or in a box. This might be the option that you want to use to keep your ammo protected and safe. It is easy to store the ammo just don’t forget where you’ve put it as time progresses.

Waterproof Cases

ammo storage safe

One of the best places to store ammo is in a waterproof container. Place this container high on a shelf that is locked with only you having access to the key. When ammo is kept locked, there are no accidents to worry about. Even pets are at risk if they get ahold of ammunition for the weapon but that isn’t a concern any longer.

Safes for Ammo

You can also consider buying a gun safe to store the ammo. You can find the traditional safes to store the weapon and the ammo together, but there are also separate storage safes for ammo. For many gun owners, it is the latter option that provides the best benefits. Consider buying an ammo storage safe!

It takes little effort to protect your ammo and when you take this step, it keeps everyone in the home and beyond secure and safe. Make sure you protect your ammo and use the information above in that quest. When you protect your ammo, you have the ammunition available to you when it is needed, hands down.

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