Good & Bad Necklace Memories?

You all have them. Memories. It is part of the juice of life. It is what keeps you going. Most of you love relying on good memories to keep you in that positive frame of mind. But there is one thing about human nature that simply cannot be helped. It is actually quite troubling. Among all the good memories you have about previous events in your life, you also have the bad ones. Not only are they troubling, they can be scary too sometimes. Who remembers having a handcuff placed on his or her wrists?

As you recall, the misdemeanor was not serious and you meant no harm to the offended person. But you learnt that as it is human to make mistakes sometimes, crime as it is legally recognized is just not worth the effort. Maybe today you are still dealing with it. Maybe you are still weak in some areas of your life. And these moments of weakness could get you into trouble with the law, even though you still do not mean any harm to the next person.

Wear a Handcuff Necklace to remind yourself to not go there. Or wear a handcuff necklace to show someone you love that you are his slave for life. You are imprisoned to him. Or wear a keyring necklace, and with your front door key attached to it, to help you to never be forgetful. Then again, if you are already wearing the key around your neck, what would a memory lapse matter. You have the key and in you go.

Handcuff Necklace

Memory loss, memory lapses, sometimes it’s really not a good idea to forget, particularly if these are eventful things from your past, no matter whether they are good or sadly bad.