Sustainable Rags In More Ways Than One

wiping rags

Rags are usually associated with cleaning work. But isn’t it true that they’ve also been applied in the fashion sense? The wearing of rags is related to the wearing of heavily casual clothing. And in many cases they really do look like rags too, don’t they? They are deliberately tattered, and they’ve deliberately got holes in them. Interestingly, this is what the world’s most sustainable rags look like when they’re first encountered. Would you believe that today’s sustainable wearing and wiping rags are originally sourced from one of the world’s most smelliest and dirtiest places?

Yes, that’s right folks. We’re talking about that blight on the landscape. Every town and city has it. It’s your municipal rubbish heap, otherwise known as your landfill site. You know, many people look down on those poor folks scratching around in bins. Yes, it’s true that they’re hungry and all, probably cold too, and looking for warm rags to cover themselves up with. But they’re doing a good thing nevertheless. And let it be said that the work that they’re doing is actually quite dangerous. Nevertheless, that’s what they’re doing.

Looking to eke out a decent living somehow, these poor but generous and gracious folks trudge your local landfill sites looking for all manner of items that could be recycled or re-used. And usually there’s tons. There’s money to be made in the recycling business, of that you can be sure. It just goes to show just how much you folks are wasting. So unnecessary, you know. Anyhow, rags worn or rags used to do your cleaning up with are now quite sustainable. They could be used over and over again.

And if they ever should be tossed out again, you can be sure someone’s going to snap them up again.