You Can Be the Detective

So you want to be a detective, do you? Although you may lack the degree and the badge, there’s still many ways that your goals can be fulfilled. But, don’t let things get too serious in your adventures as a detective.  Read below to learn a few ways to go undercover and solve some mysteries, even if it is only in your home, no undercover clothes needed.  Choose your favorites and let the good times begin.

Video Games

Tons of video games for various systems and for your PC let you solve the case and become the detective that is head of the case. It is up to you to sort through the titles to find the game that is most appropriate to your age bracket and playing style. Once you find a few games, give them a try and let the murder cases get solved.

undercover clothes

True Crime Magazines/ Websites

Read along to crime stories, uncover facts of the case, look over crime scene photos, and draw your own conclusions to the murder/mystery when reading true crime magazines. If you don’t want to look through these magazines, you can join groups online on social media sites to discuss cases with other people.

Board Games

Tons of board games are also available that help you solve mysteries. Some are family-friendly and nothing is better than finding an activity that gets everyone in the family interested in playing along.

Murder Mysteries

Murder mysteries are lots of fun to attend in person. Can you determine who is guilty of the crime before anyone else? It is a night of sheer excitement when you put your skills to work and play detective. This is an event everyone should attend at least once.

Now it is your turn to become the detective.